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Booking conditions

How to book our holiday apartment


1. You send us an inquiry

If you are interested in a holiday apartment, it is best to use our contacts. We will be happy to answer your questions, check availability and send you an offer with all prices. The holiday apartment can be reserved for 5 days without obligation, so you have enough time to decide.


In any case, your request is non-binding until you specifically book.


2. You make a binding booking

If you would like to make a binding booking, we will send you a booking confirmation.

If you decide otherwise after receiving the booking confirmation, please let us know immediately so that the reservation can be cancelled.


3. You transfer the deposit

Now transfer the deposit amount of 30% of the total amount to the specified account within 7 days. By transferring your deposit you have made a binding booking for the property.

Final payment

4. Payment of the remaining amount

You can pay the entire remaining amount and/or all other costs directly on site in cash or by bank transfer to the account. 


Transfers of remaining payments must be made before the day of arrival.

The money must be credited to the account when the keys are handed over, otherwise access to the property may be refused. 


Further information

5. Cancellation of the booking 

The booking can be canceled free of charge up to 30 days before arrival, the date is stated in your booking confirmation. From 30 days before arrival, a refund of the deposit is not possible. We recommend taking out private travel cancellation insurance. 




Please note that arrival is usually not possible before 4:00 p.m. local time. 


When departing, you must generally leave the property by 10:00 a.m. at the latest.


If you would like other times, please discuss this with us before arrival.


If you are late or your arrival time changes unexpectedly,

please let us know immediately.



Leave the holiday apartment swept clean and in a tidy condition.

The cooking and eating utensils must be washed and the refrigerator empty.

The entire furnishings of the holiday apartment must be in the same condition,

which you found. Please do not leave any food behind if you want to leave leftovers and unopened food discuss it with us before departure. The beds must be stripped. Please leave bed linen and towels neatly on the floor. Please do not leave any rubbish in the holiday apartment.

Waste separation:

The garbage must be separated and placed in the designated bins disposed outdoors. 

Separation is as follows:

- Glass (all colors together without closures/lids)

- Aluminum / metal (e.g. cans) washed out

- Plastic 

- Paper (collect in a box)

- Residual waste (everything that cannot be separated) 

- Organic (everything organic, compostable) only in the special organic garbage bag,

   do not use plastic bags 



The rented holiday apartment may only be occupied by the number of people stated in the booking confirmation. Unless otherwise agreed.

In the event of overcrowding, including a short-term additional overnight stay, we must be notified and a corresponding surcharge may be payable. 

Please note that setting up tents, mobile homes or other overnight accommodations on the property or the adjacent road must also be approved. Subletting or reletting is not possible.

The tenant is obliged to report any damage that occurred to the property or the furnishings during his stay. The tenant is liable for all damage caused by the tenant, fellow travelers or visitors.

If there are any defects in the rented accommodation, the customer is obliged to do everything reasonable to keep the damage to a minimum or to help remedy the problem. In the event of any disruption in performance, we must be notified immediately so that the defects can be remedied.

Defects in the rental property must be reported immediately when they occur or are detected. If you have any complaints about the initial cleaning of the property, please let us know so that remedial action can be taken immediately.

The presence of insects, ants, etc., which are typical in southern countries in the summer months, is not a reason for complaint.



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